Importance of aftercare program:

Recovery is an on-going process. Aftercare helps service users maintain sobriety, regain citizenship and develop to their full potential. It can be challenging to maintain sobriety in the society than it is in the treatment centre for substance use disorders. The aftercare program protects individuals from, temptations or triggers and possibility for relapse.

Target system:

Our target systems are services users who are in early recovery, who completed their rehabilitation or treatment program. Service users who recently completed their rehabilitation program at SANCA Limpopo Alcohol and Drug Centre are advised to arrange with their Social Worker to discuss this option. Service users who are referred or coming from other treatment centres or organisation are expected to produce certificate or a letter that confirms the completion of the primary care or rehabilitation program. There will be a fee incurred for the intake and assessment after which there is no charge for our Aftercare program.

Group A

For children aged 18 or younger every Wednesday from 14h30 to 15h30. The sessions will be conducted at SANCA Limpopo Alcohol and Drug Centre.

Group B

For people aged 19 and older every Friday from 14h00 to 15h00. The sessions will be conducted at SANCA Limpopo Alcohol and Drug Centre.

SANCA Limpopo Alcohol and Drug Centre is offering aftercare treatment services. In the case of substance use treatment, Aftercare refers to support provided to someone in their early recovery, with the aim of preventing relapse and helps them as they work toward their life goals.

SANCA Limpopo reaction on banning of Alcohol with immediate Date: 13th July 2020 SANCA Limpopo believes that the decision is taken to save lives by securing more beds for COVID-19 patients, as we know that Alcohol abuse contributes towards people causing accidents due to drunk driving and this result in violence and conflicts, where people end up hurt and injured and therefore a need for hospitalization. When some people are drunk, they have the edge to socialize, either by visiting their friends or families, which might lead into spreading of the virus (COVID-19). The virus moves because people move. We therefore, are in full support of this immediate ban of alcohol. What are we saying to everyone? It is therefore incumbent of all of us to encourage each other and make a clarion call to all people to cooperate in order to curb the spread of this pandemic. It is not an easy decision to make because it is not only alcohol drinkers who are affected but also those families whom their livelihood depends on income made through the selling of liquor or directly employed by the SAB. We really sympathize with the affected families. To alcohol users Please use this time as an opportunity to do the assessment with one of our SANCA offices to check your level of drinking, whether you are still in control or not. Support system especially, with/from families, is very crucial at this point but they can also seek professional help from registered centres. End. Boloka Hezekiel Director: SANCA Limpopo